“We had a baby shower for a family member at the Clubhouse. We had almost 50 people, half of which were younger children. We had the main room fully decorated for the occasion and the weather was fantastic that day which meant that the children were able to play outside on the fields and our guests were able to sit outside at the picnic tables. The bartending staff did a great job for the 4-hour party and were attentive to everyone’s orders. We brought in our own caterer for the occasion and also our own homemade treats, which was fantastic and economical. The main room was large enough and we could have easily had doubled the number of guests and still have everyone comfortable at the event. The caterer used the full-service kitchen to ensure our food was warm and served when we were ready. We displayed many of our family pictures on the big screen TVs and played our own selection of music; the sound system was great. And since many of us sat outside, the outdoor speakers helped bring the fun outdoors too. Parking was plentiful. The charge for renting the Clubhouse was very reasonable and the price for drinks was lower than most other restaurants or banquet facilities. The bar staff did a great job so we tipped them well. We are already planning our next private party there. It is close to the interstate which makes it easy for many of our guests who live further away. “

Walt R.